Industrial production with artisanal quality

In our workshop we try to offer the highest possible quality in what we do to our customers with scrupulous checks during all stages of the process so that we can always deliver perfect parts.
We are constantly looking for continuous improvement (KAIZEN ) both of the personnel and of the machine park.
In addition to visual checks and with traditional methods, we are able to perform blue laser optical scans with centesimal precision with the possibility of comparison with the relative mathematical model.
In November 2020 we decided to undertake the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFICATION path aimed at certifying the quality of our work.


Quality policy

Our company pays utmost attention to the customer's requests and expectations, always trying to satisfy him in the best possible way. We are committed to complying with regulatory and specific requirements by setting goals for continuous improvement.
The company establishes, implements and maintains a quality policy in order to improve the organization of activities, increase involvement with our employees and maintain a transparent and trusting relationship of collaboration with our suppliers.
The quality management system we have created will be constantly monitored and periodically evaluated.

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