2D/3D WaterJet Cutting

The 5-Axis Waterjet and Waterjet Cutting

Mekatech Romanazzi has equipped itself with a 2D / 3D water jet cutting machine with a Z of 700 mm.
This allows us to perform the 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting on the sheet metal components printed by our presses.
Furthermore, we are among the few in Italy to offer the water cutting service for third parties with these geometric characteristics.
We use pure water cutting for softer materials such as gaskets or sponges while, to cut more tenacious materials, water cutting with abrasive is used which allows us to cut thicknesses up to 150 mm.

With our 2D / 3D WaterJet Cut
the only limit is your imagination.

The materials that can be cut with this technology are many such as, for example, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Tempered Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Hardox, Duplex, Magnesium, Glass, Wood, Mirrors, Carbon, Composite Materials.

Some examples of

Processes realized

In the gallery you can see a small part of the components that are produced in our workshop.

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