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Your partner for mould manufacturing, sheet metal stamping and 3D waterjet cutting

Perfection is not our objective, it is our tendency

MEKATECH ROMANAZZI S.R.L. is a company located in Lombardy, with headquarters in Silvano Pietra in the province of Pavia and works for third parties in the field of sheet metal stamping, metal blanking, mold construction and design for any use (Blanking – Deep drawing – Sheet ironing – Molds for Sintering of Ceramics – Small Metal Parts)
In addition, we are specialised in 3D Waterjet cutting on any type of material.

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Our Know-How

Our know-how, together with a well-stocked machine park, allows us to satisfy the customer in all His request.
In fact, every detail is followed step by step, from the ‘IDEA’ to the actual finished product.
The experience gained on multiple types of materials (Stainless Steel – Copper – Brass – Aluminium – Titanium – Aeronautical Steels) ensures us a wide technical background to always face new challenges.
OUR CUSTOMERS BELONG TO THE MOST VARIED SECTORS: aerospace, alimentary, automotive, railways, ceramics, electromechanical techniques, electrical appliances.

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We don’t just do machining.
We want to be the solution to your problems.

Sheet metal processing

We specialise in small and medium-sized production of high-strength materials in addition to normal materials

Moulds and Equipment

Production of moulds and equipments for normal and deep drawing, sheet metal blanking, sheet metal stretching mandrels and more.

Titanium processing

We are specialised in the machining of titanium sheet metal. With our presses, we are able to produce deep-drawn, punched, and stamped parts...

2D/3D waterjet cutting

Mekatech Romanazzi has equipped itself with a 2D/3D waterjet cutting machine with a Z of 700 mm ...

Years of experience
Why choose us

Control and Quality

In our workshop we try to offer the highest possible quality in what we do to our customers with scrupulous checks during all stages of the process so that we can always deliver perfect parts.
We are constantly looking for continuous improvement (KAIZEN) of both employees and machinery.
Therefore, in addition to visual inspections and traditional methods, we are able to perform blue laser optical scans with centesimal precision with the possibility of comparison to the relevant mathematical model.
In 2021 we obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION to certify the quality of our work.


Artisans of Titanium…

Motorsport component New challenge completed… The previous manufacture produced this titanium component by coining two half-shells, which were then joined crosswise by a welding process.

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