Control and quality

Industrial production with artisanal quality

In our workshop we try to offer the highest possible quality in what we do to our customers with scrupulous checks during all stages of the process so that we can always deliver perfect parts.
We are constantly looking for continuous improvement (KAIZEN) of both employees and machinery.
In addition to visual checks and with traditional methods, we are able to perform blue laser optical scans with centesimal precision with the possibility of comparison with the relative mathematical model.
In 2021 we obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION to certify the quality of our work.

Certifications Achieved

Quality Policy

In addition to various machine services, our department is equipped with machinery for edgebanding, sheet metal plasticising, Tig and pulsed Mig welding, tumbling and component washing.

In addition, we rely on trusted companies to carry out further processing (galvanising, nickel-plating, sheet metal polishing, etc.).

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Some examples of

Checks carried out

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