Titanium Processing

Stamping and deep drawing on titanium

We are specialised in the machining of titanium sheet metal. With our presses we are able to obtain deep-drawn, sheared, folded and stretched parts (STRECH FORMING) in commercially pure Titanium (CP Grade 1) and in its various alloys (Grade 2-3-5).

We perform deep drawing and molding on titanium for various sectors including:

● Aerospace (exhaust manifolds, bodies, side members, reinforcements)
● Petrochemical (convex bottoms, floats)
● Galvanic (crowns, fasteners, frames)
● Motorsport (brackets, flanges)
● Design

Doing old things in a new way, that is innovation.

Joseph Alois Schumpeter

We are familiar with the difficulties and peculiarities in the machining of titanium.

This is also why we are always available to our CUSTOMERS to ALWAYS find the best result.

Some examples of

Processes realized

In the gallery you can see a small part of the components that are produced in our workshop.

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